Bottling Section
Our BOTTLING SECTION consist of wide range of high performance machineries that can be used to perform various applications which includes capping, sealing, labelling, washing and many more that make them suitable for various industries.
Ampoule Section
We offer various heavy engineering grade machineries under the category name of the AMPOULE SECTION that can be used in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries for the filling and washing of the glass vials.
Vial Section
The United Engineering Company provides many different kind of machineries under the name of Vial Section that can be used in various industries for the cleaning small glass vials. They are fully automated in operation and requires very less human machine interaction.
Tablet Section
Our Tablet Section Machineries are widely used for the formation of very fine protective coating over the medicinal pills. They are designed by our team of skilled professionals by using latest machine components and heavy engineering machineries.
Student and Office Stationery Packaging Machinery
We are one of the best manufacturer and supplier of heavy industrial grade STUDENT AND OFFICE STATIONERY PACKAGING MACHINERY that can be used to make packages of various different sizes at a faster rate for higher production.

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